About us

Comex Ltd. is a family company founded in 1990 in Šabac. The founder and chairman of the company’s board is Mr. Živorad Arsenović. Since its founding, Comex has a 100% private ownership.

Today, it is one of the leaders in the production of flexible materials for food and non-food. The company’s goal is to provide innovative solutions for the packaging of various products. Comex builds its position on continuous investment in technology and human resources.

Strategic commitment is the development in the specialized segment of flexo printing. Our partners are large domestic and international companies whose long-term multinational experience and knowledge in combination with our energy, flexibility and creativity bring success and growth year after year.

With three printing machines and other production capacities, Comex is today the largest independent producer of flexible packaging in the region.

Comex operates over 200 customers from the country and abroad, employs over 100 people and distributes over 4,000 tons of packaging material per year.

Our mission and vision of development describes what we are, as well as what we want to achieve.

We have a unique goal:
Continuous expansion of boundaries in meeting the demands, needs and expectations of our customers.


Chronological development of the company

1990 – Founding the company

1996 – Purchase of the first printing machine Flexotehnika

1997 – Purchase of the six-color printing machine Bonardi

1998 – Purchase of the laminating machine Nordmeccanica

1999 – Purchase of the eight-color printing machine Bonardi

2001 – Prepress department established

2005 – Purchase of a co-extrusion machine COEX flex Macchi – 3 layers

2007 – Purchase of a printing machine Comexi FW 2110 – 10 colors

2008 – Purchase of a machine for making the printing plate fast DUPONT CYREL

2009 – Purchase of a printing machine Comexi FW 1508 – 8 colors

2014 – Purchase of a Wicket machine for the formation of bags SCAE

2015 – Purchase of a printing machine BOBST F&K 20 six – 8 colors

2015 – Purchase of laminating machines Nordmeccanica Super simplex SL-1300

2016 – Purchase of a Side Seal machine for the formation of bags SCAE

2016 – Purchase of a machine for making the printing plate CY EQP 2000 TD Fast processor

2017 – Purchase of a printing machine Bobst F&K 20 six – 10 colors

2018 – Purchase of an automatic cutter Bimec

2018 – Purchase of another laminating machine Nordmeccanica Super simplex SL-1300