kontrola kvaliteta comex

Quality Control

Continuous monitoring of the entire production process

Quality control involves input, processing intermediate control of raw materials and finished products. The laboratory is equipped with all the necessary devices for mechanical testing of materials. All devices are standardized and measurements are performed according to the prescribed procedures, in accordance with the standard.

The objective of quality control is to continuously monitor the entire production process and eliminate any type of non-compliance at the earliest stage.

Quality Policy

Environmental protection, food safety, safety and health at work

All employees in the process of production of flexible packaging make products which, by their quality and price, effectively meet the expectations of their customers, and also, by valorizing products on the market, they generate profits that will satisfy the interest of owners, workers and the wider community.

We base our leadership position on:

  • Technical and technological equipment
  • By applying the latest technology and raw materials, we produce packaging in accordance with the directives and regulations of the food industry
  • Very high expertise of employees
  • High environmental awareness of employees in contributing to the improvement of environmental protection
  • Continuous improvement of working conditions in order to reduce the risks to safety and health at work
  • Continuous investment in employee education

Our main goals are:

  • Constant improvement of the production process and its quality and safety management
  • Production of safe and quality products with minimal waste
  • Creating an effective organization and encouraging the creativity in all employees
  • Preventing the occurrence of adverse impacts on environment, health, safety of people and product safety
  • Minimizing the use of harmful substances and controlling the formation of harmful waste
  • Continuous monitoring and harmonization of business with international standards and domestic legislation on product safety, environment, health and safety of people
  • Continuous business improvement in order to strengthen the leadership position and raise quality

Activities undertaken by COMEX to achieve goals:

  • Providing the necessary material and human resources
  • Providing a system for tracking customers’ requests
  • Continuous training and development of employees according to the latest technological and safety achievements in the production of packaging
  • Carrying out procedures for monitoring the impact of their own activities on the environment, employee safety, product safety and mechanisms for managing impacts and risks
  • Carrying out procedures for continuous monitoring and control of working conditions and working environment
  • Maintaining and fostering good partnerships with customers and suppliers
  • Continuously improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the quality management system, the environmental management system, the food safety management system and the health and safety at work management system through regular management reviews

The integrated COMEX management system meets the requirements of
ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 i BRC IoP.

Comex Doo certificates